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       Summer is FINALLY here!     

  • We're in full Summertime hours now:  Monday - Friday around 5pm, Saturday & Sunday around 2pm. Follow us on Facebook/Website or/and Twitter (@margeslakeside)
  • Frozen Drinks are up and running (Yum!) and The Tipsea Tiki is ready for nice weather!  New apparel has arrived! 
  • Weekend of JULY 4th:  Open Friday, July 3rd - Sunday, July 5th around 2pm!  Sunday, we have Todd Bradley and Bradley Brothers playing from 4-7 and then we'll be watching Team USA take on Japan in the World Cup at the Tiki.  Yes...we'll have it all that day!!  GO USA!!!
  • Click on the Live Music at Marge's (on the right) for a full list of this Summer's entertainment.  
  • We are OPEN YEAR ROUND....MEANING "No, we don't close in the Winter!" 
  • Marge's sippy wine cups, gift cards (any amount) wine glasses AND NEW Beach cup holders (aka: Spikers) are available at the bar. Gift cards are also available for purchase by just clicking the shopping cart button at the top of this page!
  • We have once again updated our list of beers and have a couple seasonal craft beers in, so come check them out! 
  • Watch for impromptu "fun" via our Mailing list (be sure to subscribe and I promise I'll be better at reminders) or/and on Facebook.  
  • Inquire about having your next party at Marge's.  
  • Feel free to contact us (click on the envelope bottle cap) with any questions. Use the contact us link or email us at mlsi@margeslakesideinn.com