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       Fall is upon us, but Fall can be FUN........      

  • Current Fall hours: OPEN Wednesday - Saturday around 5pm. 
  • We are OPEN YEAR ROUND....MEANING "No, we don't close in the Winter!
  • October 1st we put our 54th year behind us and we BEGIN our 55th year! Time flies when you're having fun....(and rum) 
  • Keep an eye out for a possibly "Indian Summer" party (if Mother Nature allows) so we can have one last fling at the TipSea tiki before it's time to wrap it up.
  • It's early, but mark your calendar for Wed. Nov. 26th (Kicking off Rocket Fuel & Holiday Season) with Graham, Ortiz & Nelson.  Our Christmas Party with Jumbo Shrimp is Sat. Dec. 13th!
  • Marge's sippy wine cups!  Available at the bar NOW!   Plus, we have some new very comfy sweatshirts and long sleeve t's that have just arrived. Get them now while we have sizes and colors in stock.  We also have Marge's GIFT CARDS available.
  • We have once again updated our list of beers and have a couple seasonal craft beers in, so come check them out! Looking forward to carrying Rohrbach Brewery products soon.
  • Watch for impromptu "fun" via our Mailing list (be sure to subscribe and I promise I'll be better at reminders) or/and on Facebook.  
  • Reminder: There is NO beach/water entry to Marge's.
  • Inquire about having your next party at Marge's.  
  • Feel free to contact us (click on the envelope bottle cap) with any questions. Use the contact us link or email us at mlsi@margeslakesideinn.com